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Hi, I’m Dante


Let me introduce myself.

I work as a consultant and trainer in industrial engineering and supply chain improvement. I assist companies in operations and supply chain management to improve their operational performance and acquire products or services for product conversion.

I consult companies of various sizes and startups on all aspects of supply chain, continuous improvement, and leadership, including manufacturing, procurement, industrial engineering, lean, warehousing, and transportation management.

I worked, studied, traveled and lived in different countries in Europe, North America, South America, Asia and Oceania. More than 25 years of professional career in multinational companies in the food and beverage, CPG, transportation and manufacturing industries. Some of the companies I have collaborated and worked with include PepsiCo, Walmart, Brinks, Royal Canin, Fonterra, IFF, Dupont, Prysmian Group, World Health Organization, and countless SMEs and startups from around the world.

This experience allowed me to strengthen my social skills, understand the nuances of cross-cultural environments, and acquire a holistic business view. I consider myself a 'global citizen' with an academic background in engineering and management. I stay in tune with the digital business style through ongoing courses and world travel. I am an organized and results oriented person. I speak English, Spanish, Italian & Portuguese.

I love to practice running and hiking. This passion helps teach me and model my continuous improvement spirit. I create training related to industrial engineering, supply chain & operations management and personal development.

I have a MSc degree in industrial engineering, as well as certifications in both supply chain management and kaizen process engineering.
My purpose in this space is to share my knowledge and experience with you and the community. I hope you enjoy this learning journey.

Best wishes!


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