This program is designed to help you understand and effectively use the OEE framework to improve the efficiency of your operations. OEE is a measure of how well a manufacturing operation is performing relative to its designed capacity, and is a key indicator of the overall productivity of a production system.

In this training you will learn the definition, the calculation formula and the benefits of implementing OEE in your manufacturing plant. You will learn about typical problems and understand how to calculate OEE in an 8-hour manufacturing shift. You will be able to carry out a self-assessment and establish your OEE level in comparison with world-class companies, and many more topics.

By the end of this short training, you will be more knowledgeable and better qualified than even large company manufacturing specialists in terms of your understanding of OEE, as well as your ability to help yourself or your company or other organization navigate the OEE fundamentals.

Overall Equipment Effectiveness

Learn the meaning of Overall Equipment Effectiveness, its benefits and applications.

Six Big Losses

Learn about the Six Big Manufacturing Losses and their link to OEE.

Operations Management

Calculation and Case Study

Understand how to calculate overall team effectiveness, world-class metrics, and case study examples.

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Supply Chain Management

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