Through the UPKAIZEN SCHOOL, I want to reach you to contribute to your personal and professional development.

My vocation for the development of people as a way to create a better world, in multiple countries, languages and fields has led me today to teach digital courses and connect with you today through this site.

I have given trainings and conferencias both on-site and digitally for training institutes, companies, universities, associations and NGOs, in various parts of the world.

My dream is to contribute to the personal, professional, intellectual and spiritual development of every person on this planet, and I believe in education as a means to do so.

Thank you for being here!

Dante Garcia


Our School

Digital training school in Lean & Kaizen, Supply Chain & Operations Management and Personal Development.

Our philosophy promotes continuous, harmonious and comprehensive learning as a means to create excellence at every step.

We hope you enjoy our trainings and we wish you all the best!!


Warehouse & Inventory

"This was a very well presented course - brief, clear, with excellent slide to make the course understandable for any user/ student."

Diana A.

Lean & Kaizen

"Great high level overview."

Sandeep K.


"I am already experience in Supply Chain productions and customer support. This was a great course."

Ruth P.


"Dante created two very high quality products for us, one in English and one in Spanish. He is an excellent educator and an expert in Supply Chain Management."

- Steve Hoberman